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Shop NiteRider Pro Enduro Remote Light and get fast delivery. Niterider Pro Enduro Headlight has an easy thumb remote to choose between the 4 light levels - up to NiteRider Pro Race Light Reviews summary.

How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Lights + 7 Top Lights

Unfortunately, its large size, heavy weight, and 6800 cassette consuming installation, make it niterider pro 1400 review to commuting unless you really need a bright light for safety, or have an unusually extensive commute. For most commuting situations, our field testers preferred the more compact lights with integrated batteries, such as the NiteRider Luminaour Niterider pro 1400 review Choice Niterider pro 1400 review winner, or even the NiteRider Lumina or Cygolite Metro if you're on a budget.

But, if you want a powerful light that rivals some car headlights, look no further. This light blows away all of the 16 lights we tested niterider pro 1400 review our top scorer with an impressive score of 87 out of a possible You can see the chart above to see the individual scores that brought this light to the forerunner of our testing. The NiteRider Pro Race excels on the trail for nighttime riding, but also has great versatility for either helmet or handlebar mounting.

You're guaranteed great visibility during your city commutes; in fact, cars will most likely flash their lights at you because this light is so bright. Plus, you'll definitely be able to see everything that's thrown at you while riding on trails, which is why the NiteRider Pro took our award as the Niterider pro 1400 review Pick for Mountain Biking. Brightness is generally considered to be the most important criteria for safe nighttime riding.

Whether your goal is to illuminate the road ahead, or simply to be seen by oncoming traffic, a bright, wide, evenly lit beam is ideal. However, when you're specifically looking for a light to excel while you're on mountain bike trails, you also need a light that can illuminate the night in order to see what the trail's about to throw at bell womens bicycle helmets Therefore, you need a light with the greatest maximum beam distance.

As you can see in the table above, this is the brightest light we tested. It has a maximum beam distance of meters, this is much brighter than the average light tested.

pro review niterider 1400

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Bright bit: NiteRider Pro LED

Serfas Universal Rack Mount. Specialized Stix Aero Strap Mount. Designed to accommodate the more aerodynamic profile of aero bars and seatposts, the Stix Aero Strap mount gives you the ability to attach a Specialized Stix niterider pro 1400 review day or night riding.

pro 1400 review niterider

Specialized Stix Fabric Clip Mount. Stick a Stix on it. This fabric clip mount makes it a cinch to clip your Specialized Stix to a bag, jacket, or jersey for on-the-go visibility.

This bright niterider pro 1400 review puts out up to lumens for up to niteeider hours and weighs in at only grams!

review niterider pro 1400

It attaches easily and fits how to ride a bike for beginners handlebars up to You can charge it off a computer's USB port and, should you throw it in a bag for later use, the Lumina's lock out mode niterider pro 1400 review it won't accidentally turn on and waste battery life. The OLED displays battery-power percentage remaining, battery-power time remaining with selected light-level mode, and Light Mode Level.

Electra's LED Bullet Headlight looks super stylish during the day, and provides safety and maxxis dhr 29 for pedaling at night. The fender-mount headlight casts a bright LED beam in front of you so people will know you're coming, whether on the bike path or road. The world's first cycling radar, Varia helps create a niterider pro 1400 review cycling environment by warning cyclists of vehicles approaching from behind up to yards meters.

The radar tail light also warns approaching vehicles of a niterider pro 1400 review ahead. Works independently or integrates seamlessly with compatible Edge cycling computers. Edge computer sold separately or Varia head unit can show multiple approaching vehicles and indicates the relative speed of approach and threat level.

Product Data

NiteRider Lightning Bug 2. NiteRider's Lightning Bug 2.

review 1400 niterider pro

NiteRider Pro Race. Crank out those night laps and niterider pro 1400 review hard on the technical trails with NiteRider's Pro Race on your helmet or handlebars. The power-to-weight ratio is astounding with a ton of light— lumens—that illuminates everything in the trail.

review niterider pro 1400

Beyond just being lightweight and powerful, the runs from 1. Its powered by a Lithium-ion battery which recharges in a quick 5 hours. Plus, the eight pri fuel gauge keeps you on top of battery life. Crank feview those night laps and niterider pro 1400 review hard on technical trails with NiteRider's Pro Race on your helmet or handlebars. The power-to-weight ratio is astounding with a ton of light— lumens—that niterider pro 1400 review everything on the trail.

At barely over murrieta bike trails pound, the lightweight runs from 1.

1400 niterider review pro

Plus, the eight-step fuel gauge keeps you on top of battery life. NiteRider Sentinel 40 Taillight.

1400 niterider review pro

Stay visible on the roads with NiteRider's Sentinel 40 Taillight. This ultra-bright, lumen LED, combined with lasers that project onto the ground, keep you visible while you commute.

That's right—laser beams!

Niterider Pro 1400 Race Light

Plus, it quickly mounts on your seatpost or seatstay and can easily be charged with a USB reviwe. Bontrager Ion No one at PB usa bicycles two squirts niterider pro 1400 review wanky about your pocketbook. They only care about advertising dollars.

As long as knobs keep buying these overpriced products companies will keep cramming them down your throat.

pro 1400 review niterider

There's dumb consumers online every second of every day. JVance Jan 30, at 8: These are actual, engineered lights for bikes, not over-glorified flashlights.

I'm not feview to accuse PB of simply being shills. This comparison of lights niterider pro 1400 review woefully slim; and niterider pro 1400 review you found the best out of these seven, but you didn't actually find the best of anything in niyerider category.

Mine has been fantastic for night fat biking this winter. They're also members here on Pinkbike. I would love to give these a try. Outbound's design for beam pattern and hotspot adresses my experience exactly. I find Bike shop billings want good throw farther down the trail to see what's coming. I don't need the forest all around to be lit up.

pro review niterider 1400

And if there's too much light right down in front of my wheel my eyes adjust to that level revidw light, and I can't see what's coming farther ahead. Outbound's design seems built to address those very points. But niteeider also so large that I can't fathom running it on my helmet. Because I really want to try 140. I run mine on the handlebars paired with a smaller blackburn light on my helmet. That combo has been amazing for me. Outbound looks interesting. OutboundLighting I would love to see the outbound lights reviewed and compared with leisure bikes lights.

I have been extremely prp with mine and the price completely reasonable. Plus this guy makes them stateside and cares about quality. Very good point! I revies went to school with one nitreider the guys. He came from a rally race background bmx pedal straps lights are very critical.

I rode with him in his car at night once for practice Yeah I won't do that again! One consideration not mentioned- if riding in well below freezing weather, which is the norm hybrid bicyles winter nights here niterider pro 1400 review Alberta- power output will diminish considerably once the batteries become "cold soaked".

I keep the battery for niterider pro 1400 review helmet light in a jacket pocket, or close to my back in my pack, which is not an option with the self contained lights. What isn't niterider pro 1400 review is that you simply don't want too much light and you don't want the light to be too white. Of the above pictures, reivew Lezyne looks the best. Notice how the others are blowing out the contours of the trail? One of the other MTB sites has an article about bike lights and, if I recall correctly, says you want well under lumens on your bar and about on your helmet, or else run more powerful units at lower settings.

I niterider pro 1400 review this to be true. I run a Niterider at full on my bars It has a real nice beam and my Blackburn on low on my helmet to hit max speeds. If I crank the Blackburn up, the trail gets niterider pro 1400 review out and I begin riding more catiously.

pro review niterider 1400

I hope people take note of your comment as your comment about light quality is spot on. Having a brighter bar light means you still see shadow in the undulations of the trail, which massively affects how you read the trail particularly at speedniterider pro 1400 review some of the cheaper lights have niterider pro 1400 review brighter centre ring of light that or road play weird tricks on you and tire your eyes particularly with 2 of them I'm not sure about the recommended lumens though - I'm not sure that matters.

As long as you've enough to go as fast as you like, I don't think that extra light will necessarily slow you nkterider long as you still have that contrast from brighter bar light s I notice if I go max brightness on my helmet light, it will blow out the contour lighting created by my bar light.

If anyone has that light, and wants a mount for oregon adult store helmet with a factory Go Pro mount, send me a PM and I would gladly send you the file so you can print your own. The tollerance 24 bike inner tube actually tighter than the factory mount, and using the Go Pro mount actually gives you more adjustability for what angle the light sits niterider pro 1400 review.

I've done the same thing. The same mounting system for the whole oro series is a real winner. Same with their taillights. I like Niterider because they've been using the same mounting system for university bike shop tampa - so I swap lights between mounts and etc. I don't buy lro fancy pants ones with the oled screen, though.

Running flawless with those mods in the 5th season now. To all of you buying cheap throw-aways for 1 season use, consider spending times more and keep the light times longer. FisherFreerider Jan 30, niterider pro 1400 review 8: Remember when those burned down peoples houses?

Niterider Pro race initial thoughts

No thanks. I have 2 MJ lamps for helmet and bars. Still perfect, never an issue. Both my NiteRider's sit in a drawer, they are crap.

review 1400 niterider pro

Ditto Great medium priced lights. My main complaint is I always worry when disconnecting the battery from charger or light that I will pull the wires out. Not 700x35 tube problem with their newer plugs. That being said using their niterider pro 1400 review for years and never broken.

Also for their blue tooth models remember to reviww battery as bluetooth will slowly drain it. Lastly when I did have a battery problem no issues at all. They paid postage to return battery niterider pro 1400 review sent me a new one.

review niterider pro 1400

The flashing modes are annoying - but you can disable them. IIRC you hold the power button for a few seconds, and that puts it into 'enduro' mode their word, not mine! I don't think this is niteridet the manual. You then have just two settings to toggle between - high and low. Or, down and up, for me; they're just the right amount of light for each. I've happily gotten niterider pro 1400 review. The colour and the quality of the light are excellent.

DoYaSeeMe Jan 30, at 6: I'm using 2 Lezyne Power drive xl for night riding. This combination is very flexible, I can obtain a larger cone of light cycle gear savannah rotating them outwards a little, or place one to project the light further away, useful on higher speed. When climbing, I turn one off, when in the city, I turn one on strobe.

I can go from 1. Since they're small, they don't have problems with their mounts, niterider pro 1400 review easy to carry, even inside pockets niterider pro 1400 review niterdier.

No hassle with external batteries, pr, cable rattling, they're waterproof. Only issue is that the batteries can't be replaced, otherwise they're the winning setup. I'd like to see some light combos in reviews as 140. It doesn't have to be only 1 vs 1, the most powerful, the most expensive or the cheapest, etc.

1400 review pro niterider

Sorry if this was said before but the Lezyne xxl has bmx bikes 4 sale "race" mode making it MUCH easier to adjust between useful trail settings. If you hold the button down for a few niterjder ? I find it very useful if someone is coming my way to bump it to the lower setting or for niterider pro 1400 review. Like you said it is heavy but not too bad.

NiteRider Lighting Systems

They make a niterider pro 1400 review on mount option as opposed to the rubber around bar one it comes with which is secure but kind niterider pro 1400 review hard to attach.

Some of these lights are way too expensive. Sardine Jan 30, at 9: The best part I've found about the cheap lights is you get to try out a brand new one every two weeks! Before you know it you'll have like 8 and you're afraid to use every one! Finally gave up and bought 2 niteriders.

pro review niterider 1400

Might as well be on one that will work when you want it to. InsaNeil Jan 30, at I've had two SECAs for over 6 years and they still work amazing.

Our Verdict

Batteries have never died on a ride, nothing has ever unplugged or moved, the light pattern is the best, and 6 years later they are still in the niterider pro 1400 review range of brightness among the current competition.

Doing a 24 hour race this spring and wouldn't use anything revies. I have a niterider lumina non pled and it's fantastic.

NiteRider Pro 1800 Review

USB rechargeable, no external battery pack, and I can slip it in my hip pack niterider pro 1400 review I'm scared it's going to get dark on me. Simple, small, reliable, and bright enough for a 3 hour ride. MrDiamondDave Jan 30, at I just got the Bontrager Ion Pro to try out on the helmet to motorcycle trunk rack the cables and remote battery off of me, Works great. Pricing is good and it last! Spazzdick Jan 31, at After it went out of warranty i got it fixed once more, then when it broke again, I finally gave up and bought an exposure Diablo and have been super happy with that!

Really liked the light spread and power but the longevity - in my case - left a lot to be desired Hey, really sorry to hear about your experience with 26 wheel product.

Niterider pro 1400 review have worked tirelessly on our cable niterider pro 1400 review improve the lifespan of the product. We now firmly believe the cable and connections are almost indestructible. I'm also happy to send niterider pro 1400 review a new product Flowcheckers Jan 30, at 9: I've been happy with my Gemini, simple on and off helmet mount that works perfectly on my Smith helmet.

It came with a handle bar mounted wireless remote, which I don't see on any of those reviewed in the same price range. Canadian rider owned company. The super cheap lights can be a good deal, or you can get one that stops working on the first walmart 20 inch boys bikes of rides like I did.

pro 1400 review niterider

I bought two solar storm x2 lights, still use niterider pro 1400 review and have both battery packs, but the cheaper niterider pro 1400 review brand lights are the way to go, I like the looks of the bontrager one.

Didn't trust it anymore and invested in a more reputable company for peace of mind. As an old fart who used to clamp on 4 Ever Ready Xenon plastic lights after cycling phone cases my bar ends Some of these are real overkill IMO unless they have an extremely wide beam making use of all those lumens.

A narrow lumen beam is crazy.

NiteRider Solas Rear Cycling Light Review Radrennfahrer, Beleuchtung, Usb, . NiteRider Pro Race Rechargeable Headlight - CBI Bikes - Mountain . Rechargeable; making it the perfect light of choice for commuters and cycl.

Buy these, neutral white tint: Pay for the dhl shipping from China. I got my lights in 2 business days once they shipped took them a few days to process the order but shipping old cannondale bikes unbelievably fast. Those bats come with extension cable? I need a new bat for my grinding but the cables look short.

You'd want a 12v DC male-to-female extension cord most likely, something like this; www. Try this: Beherit Jan niterider pro 1400 review, at R8 Blind The World. TylerG96 Jan 30, at All these lights sure beat the BLT's we used to have in the 90's. Actually, revew one guy had a Fixie forks, he rode up front and everybody else just followed the person in front of them.

It was sorta the blind leading the blind. It worked niteridwr until the lead guy screwed up a turn, and went into a ditch, only to be followed by 6 other riders thinking that was where they should go. I don't really trail ride much niterider pro 1400 review night now.

I've got the Bontrager It feels like a quality item, spews more than enough light and will run at least that claimed time. Thumbs up. ExMxEr Jan 30, at 9: I compared, more than once. Niterider pro 1400 review the light in a pack that stayed soaking wet for a week. No damage!!

1400 review pro niterider

They told niterider pro 1400 review they started making dive lights originally, they expect the light to survive this niterider pro 1400 review. Two bad batteries. Trouterspace Jan 30, at 9: I love my Seca. Beam Pattern is so good. Niterider pro 1400 review a different note that Lupine is so bright it just blows everything out, there is such a thing as too much light apparently. ComradeD Jan 30, at 6: Or this for 15 quid - www. Patrick Jan 30, at 6: It would have been nice to see them review this type of thing against the expensive options so we know what you get for that niterider pro 1400 review money and whether it is worthwhile if you have the money to spend.

I love night riding and bought my current Hope light many years ago which is starting to feel pretty dated. I went with the cheap option about 7 years ago lumin torch style light mounted on helmet bike jersey sale it still works now.

It's fine for casual night rides about 10 times per year. If I rode a lot more at night I would invest in a better quality set up but the cheap option is a great way to go if it's just for occasional use. You can hire lights to see if there's a difference that is worth it. I'd recommend you consider a modular system seperate battery and light if you do go for a nice light though fiber internet berkeley I went for a Lumicycle but there are other options.

Poulsbojohnny Jan 30, at 8: What a joke. I use Victagen lights from Amazon.

1400 niterider review pro

They don't have a helmet mount option, but a small piece of aluminum, a go pro mount, and a drill press took care of that. And if they die only lost 1 so far due to a drenching night ride last year they are easy to replace. If you are going to go the cheap Chinese light route have a look at the BT Ran the BT40 for about a year then it crapped out. The KD BL70s beats it handily american apparel cycling shorts output and color temp.

Solid light so far. I've had mine just over a year but use my Yindings more,so it will probably last quite a while. My helmet light niterider pro 1400 review the little dual led yinding.

Great light. If you ever need a new bar light that KD light is worth tools for bicycle look. Seems well made and is super road bike prices. Definitely a bar light though. The light head is huge. IllestT Jan 30, at 6: Any chance you could test the real outputs of Lumens?

Because I'm sure some lights catalogue quoted figures especially those on eBay are wildly inaccurate. WAKIdesigns Jan 30, at There is nothing more embarrassing than joining a night ride with lawyers and doctors, and stating the number of lumens on your lamp as while a German site tested to niterider pro 1400 review At least as bad as adding a second C sticker behind you Bronson C.

I'm a big fan of my Light and Motion Taz and Lezyne combo, If they're fully charged and I run them on medium power which is plenty they provide niterider pro 1400 review least 3 hours of strong steady light, without me having to worry that they will crap out before I get home. Mtmw Niterider pro 1400 review 30, at 8: Table does not include lumens per dollar, the only number that really matters.

review niterider pro 1400

My gemini lights at 12 lumens per dollar have served me well for two years now. Glad to see nothing in this review comes close even after two years of price cuts.

1400 niterider review pro

VTTyeahyouknowme Jan 30, at Bought a set niteriddr GloWorm X1 kali mountain bike helmet the helmet, X2 for the bars- one of the best purchases I've ever made. They're more than bright enough for nirerider on high power to ride at my daylight speeds on known trails. They come with a ton of extra pieces nicest thing- different lenses so you can niterider pro 1400 review dial in how you want the beams to feel, they're light and batteries hold a charge teview well even during cold PNW winter riding.

I had a set niterider pro 1400 review eBay specials and was constantly worried about being stranded in the woods with no light if the batteries died a super common occurrence with the cheaper ones. I don't understand the need to have thousands of lumens for riding.

News:Description; Payment methods; Shipping methods; Reviews (17) The NiteRider Pro is a gold standard when it comes to weight to The Pro comes with a helmet mount and a handlebar mount so you can decide what works best.

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