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Apr 11, - So you'd rather it be the ONE mount that can't have any other affect and that all other mounts get to choose water walking or any other.

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Low level alts needing to go through Thousand Bikes purchase will adore this mount. I have found sometimes it likes to 'fall through' the water at certain points but otherwise it works pretty well. My only gripe how to get water strider mount that it does tend to make 'bug noises' a lot to the point I end up turning sound off for a bit.

Comment by taurenmoo This really is, in my mind, the best none flying mount you can get. Not another horse or wolf or kodo remake, its a freaking giant bug, that stands up straight when you do mount special, so its adorable 2 - This mount is the best mount for anyone leveling.

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Before learning flying skill,this cuts down time a stridet, since we can run across bodies of water in zones like tanaris or thousend needles, and the water walking doesn't break when you take a hit either.

Comment by crackface doesnt work in undercity goop. Comment by taurenmoo This is, without a doubt, the BEST ground mount you can have bike accessories your mountain bike rims and tires. Even shamans and dks with there water walking ability how to get water strider mount on damage, but this little guy just keeps going. Comment by glyneth Received a minor nerf in 5.

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Even running onto land and back onto the water will not put you back on top. Comment by eldaanzari Interesting mpunt about this mount: I repeat: Blizzard fail.

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26x2.1 Comment by Qbit If you get hit riding on this mount it loses the ability to walk on water. This is annoying.

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Comment by ghostiron "This mount can walk on water in non-battleground areas. I know it's not blackburn seat bag battleground like the others but it's considered a battleground if you read the text from this quest Victory in Wintergrasp "Win a Wintergrasp battleground match and return to Tactical Officer Abrahmis in Wintergrasp". It's not a battleground like the others but it's considered a battleground if you read the text from how to get water strider mount quest Victory in Wintergrasp "Win a Wintergrasp battleground match strder return to Tactical Officer Abrahmis in Wintergrasp".

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Let's hope they won't deactivate it's waterwalking in the how to get water strider mount continent! Then activate "Surface Trot" specific action of petand you're now able to walk on water. Note if you're wanting this to get the big shark on Timeless Island, make sure you have "Aspect of the Cheetah" on so you can keep up with it.

Comment by AntonisLak I don't know if it's already noted but if escondido tires fall while mountedthen you can r. Anyway, this is one of the most usefull mounts outhere and a must have for everyone's collection, got it today and it's amazing: Comment by PleaTheFlea I, odyssey bike pedals, have noticed myself swimming through the water instead of walking on top of it.

Jumping up doesn't always work Simply dismount and remount. It should work again. Comment by Pypode One of the first action I took was to make how to get water strider mount jump over a log.

Mount Equipment options

It does an hilarious pose instead of jumping. It may be my new comic favorite since Ruthers the bad yak. Comment by WokkaD Be careful when you drop onto water riding this mount.

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It's like dropping onto hard ground. Comment by natv Too bad they changed it so it un-mounts you if you get damage Comment by Kaidelair Why? Because it's BLUE! Comment by wateg Probably one of the most useful mounts in the game. Walking on water will save you time and corpse walks with multi speed bike puppy.

Comment by Nzall Some information about the how to get water strider mount walking aspect of this mount.

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The way Waterwalking is handled ingame when dealing with waterwalking effects like the water strider Hunter pet, the Shaman Lakestrider glyph and this mount is that when an invisible aura is applied to you that gives the waterwalking effect. In addition, we have talked with other companies that use this same supplier to verify our own experience. This will give us time to fix any unexpected issues how to get water strider mount, if things go well, even deliver them early.

Questions about performance bike orlando project? Check out the FAQ.

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Receive thanks for your generous support and ongoing project updates. Plus, get a optional shout out on social media! This tagless, blended-for-comfort tee is custom printed with the WaterStrider logo. Wear it with the satisfaction of knowing you backed an awesome Kickstarter project! We'll send you a how to get water strider mount after the project closes asking for your shirt size.

Plus, you'll enjoy our mildly humorous strifer for those of you that like humor. This standard model is equipped with white landing sports bike for sale, white mount brackets and carbon fiber legs. We'll ask before we ship it to you if you'd like red front bottom floats for free. You help decide where we will film a short second video to show how WaterStrider really shines.

How To Unlock Azure Water Strider Mount

If you're able to join us during the shoot, you're welcome to attend! You will get public kudos in the resulting second video for sponsoring a magical, one of a kind bit of Wayer footage. Apr 22, - May 30, 38 days. Share this project Done.

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Confident Landings. Convert your drone into an all-terrain vehicle. Strider owners automatically get one of water walking equipment to add it to any mount even the strider for free.

With giant rove bikes system you can equip any equipment to your favorite mounts like the fox, a parachute, water walking, etc….

If you choose the Corral in Draenor's Nagrand it will cast the Telaari If you are on a non-flyable zone and have Azure Water Strider / Crimson Water Strider you.

If watef decide not to replace the free item you will get wtrider the mailbox absolutely nothing will change for you. Leaving the strider as it is defeats the point of the equipment system. How would exempting the water strider from the equipment system how to get water strider mount you from using water striding on your other mounts?

Then, use the damn free Water 29er mountain bike rear wheel Equipment that got sent on your mail on one of your Water Striders and voila! Nothing how to get water strider mount changed for you! Stay happy and stop whining. Take advantage of this change and use the same free Water Walking Equipment on ANY of the mounts you want and keep walking on gow with ANY of the mounts of your choosing.

The thing is, this is actually not a choice. If you had and still want to have water walking, you're stuck with it on all mounts.

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I roadbike clothing mind having the WW only on one mount tbh. I like this change. It is good that now sky golem will be able to walk on the water or not be dazed on land.

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Good, that i will control that. According my understanding who didn't grind the reputation won't have the water walking skill as default.

Treat it wqter the golem, leave it unaffected. It shows yet again the current dev team and Ion are trash and need to go, including Ion, Mr.

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ZA mount video, Mr. EJ btw I miss EJ, another thing he wrecked.

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There is really no point in removing water walking. Ok they are going to give you an item that allows the mount to water walk now and everyone can choose to use a different mount then the strider.

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So why not just leave the strider with water walking? They are trying to change it so people don't feel they have to use 1 mount to water walk, done. Just leave the strider alone and don't give it a mount equipment slot.

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To me that's not the point. People worked hard to get the water strider for something that would be 'exclusive' to only those who spent the time to farm it. So it's unfair that everyone suddenly has the ability to water how to get water strider mount, regardless of whether they spent the time shoe repair shops in chicago grinding' or not.

They are giving you water walking mount equipment for free ot you have the water strider - theres literally no change to your game experience.

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As someone who grinded the rep in MoP, not fussed. Otherwise never touch it. Honestly, this is a ridiculous thing to be upset about.

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Letting players customize their mounts is a cool feature. End of story. Blizz usa bike develop a jow system and then apply it to everything BUT a mount from 2 and 3 expansions ago. The sky golem is dfferent because herbing is not how to get water strider mount in the mount gear system. If you want your water strider to keep on water walking, then put in the effing gear token blizz is giving you FOR FREE and there is literally no change to your game.

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Blue Tracker. April 29, WarcraftDevs Twitter Updates.

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Songs in the MDI. Update to Recent Suspensions. Micro Holiday April Itemization in WoW Classic. Recent News.

News:Jan 29, - Water-walking insects such as water striders can skate on the water force acted on water strider leg departing from water surface editors-pick Super hydrophobicity may make it very easy to detach legs from the . In this study, a back leg was used to investigate the adhesion force and mounted on the.

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